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Make Better Risk Decisions Faster.

DataLift for Compliance

Workflow enabled transaction monitoring, global watchlist screening, global sanctions list checks and adverse media listing

DataLift for Credit Risk

Millions of pages in hours: Extract data from bank statements, annual financial statements, contracts, and invoices

DataLift for Onboarding

DataLift provides identity management and verification tool customer onboarding that’s regulatory compliant

DataLift for Contracts

Going beyond traditional OCR, DataLift uses machine learning to accurately extract text and data from documents

DataLift Use Cases

DataLift overcomes the limitation of manually transferring information from PDF and JEPG document formats into machine readable text. Process millions of pages in just hours, and take advantage of all the data you’ve just extracted

Maintain Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

DataLift provides transactional monitoring of customers banking transactions, by identifying payments to, transfers to, and cash deposits. Our algorithms identify nefarious transactions and process these against global watchlist screening databases, and sanctions lists.

Automate Loan Application Workflows

Business loan application require the review of bank statements, annual financial statements, as well as additional financial data to determine credit risk, and affordability. DataLift digitizes this process by determining credit risk ratios on the fly, combined with a complete bank statement analysis.

Mobile Device Based Customer Onboarding & FICA

DataLift’s ID Verify makes the customer experience exceptional and drives down the cost of customer acquisition. Accounting opening, loan applications or FICA compliance, are only a click of an image away

We Have You Front Of Mind


Security and privacy is our priority and we ensure industry best practices to protect your data


We’re powered by Microsoft Azure platform, so we can elastically scale the processing and storage on demand

Data Location

Customers can choose to process their documents in any of the Microsoft Azure data centers around the world

Make The Right Choice & Choose DataLift

Our pricing is simple
& without contracts

Join Our Distributor Program

DataLift is available through a global dedicated network of distribution partners. Get in touch to join to find out more


We welcome any and all suggestions, to continuously evolve DataLift, so leave us a comment and we will consider it for a future update.

Need Support?

We’re always improving. If you find a bug to issue with DataLift, we want to know about it. Its a priority. Send us a message so we can fix it asap.

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